Consulting on
adhesive bonding

Solving problems related to adhesive bonding in the assembly lines

Manufacturing problems

Defects during assembly

Voids inside the bonded assemblies

Advising on application of adhesives

Best adhesives for specific applications

Adhesives with specific temperature requirements

Customized advanced training for test adhesive applications

Testing of

Determination of adhesive mechanical properties

Strength, stiffness, etc.

Analysis of joint mechanics

Failure loads

Joint optimization (geometry, type of adhesive, etc.)

Impact testing of adhesives for specific industries (automotive)

Fatigue testing of adhesives

Machines for
adhesive testing

Standard test machines

Vertical torsion machines with weight auto-balancing

Flexible, dependable test systems

test machines

Standard machines adapted for specific uses

Environmental chambers

Digital image correlation adaptation

Design and development of custom adhesive testing machines

For determining specific properties

For determining a whole range of properties


Turnkey solutions tailored for laboratory testing

Development of the full physical and non-physical structure for laboratory testing

as a service

Easy to use interface

Tailored for specific uses

Customized software solutions

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